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Όλες οι δραστηριότητες κοντά στην περιοχή Κέρκυρα

Starlit Olive Grove Feast
Once you have arrived at our location, you will be lead through our mountain side grounds overlooking the sea to your dining area, surrounded by ancient olive trees. Here, you will enjoy local wine and a wide selection of mezze prepared by ourselves, using recipes passed down through the generations. Our desserts are pretty amazing too. The majority of the ingredients we use, such as extra virgin olive oil, fresh vegetables, fruits and eggs are produced by us and our chickens in our organic garden. Other ingredients are sourced locally from small independent businesses. Our aim is to provide you with the opportunity to experience what we feel to be the essence of Greece and in particular Corfu; delicious fresh flavours, beautiful scenery, and a true sense of relaxation.
Corfu Paragliding tandem flights
we will meet at the meeting point after we will go to the take off with our van and after a small briefing we will be in the air its simple and safe.after we land back at the take off or at the beach it depends on the wind how strong it is. Other things to note paragliding is depending on the weather conditions and we want to have a safe flight always.. i would like to know how many days you will be for holidays to plan the best day for paragliding.(if the weather is not good for paragliding at the current day we will reschedule the next day or before the booking)..paragliding is very dependant on the weather conditions and you have to be flexible on time.. i dont recomend to book a paragliding flight on the departure day or a day before.
Quad-ATV safari expirience Corfu tour from the Pink Palace
Come & explore the beauties of Corfu on this unique adventure ATV, QUAD tour. You will enjoy off-road and on-road riding through olive covered hills and mountains, valleys, outstanding old villages that have remained almost untouched for decades, the hidden vineyards and beaches of Corfu. When you arrive you will receive full instruction's about ATV handling/driving. Shortly after we will start in the drive way to the picturesque Village of Kato Garouna riding through the old village of Agios Mantheos and heading up the forested landscapes of the old Agii Deka village. Riding through narrow roads you will appreciate the nature and beauty of Corfu. There are some fantastic spots for photos. We we will visit the old ancient monastery (Pantocrator) where we will have a tour of the Monastery and enjoy our lunch.Tour ends to a visit of the Kontogialos beach where we visit a local cafe and enjoy local made traditional refreshment drinks, take some time to relax, swim, enjoy spectacular views & soak up positive energy from the wild nature of Corfu where i can answer any questions and provide history/interesting facts about the locations and places we have visited. Other things to note IF YOU ARE A SMALL GROUP OVER 5 PERSONS OR MORE AND WISH TO DO A TOUR AT A TIME SUITS YOU PLEASE LET US KNOW. PLEASE BRING A VALID ID OR PASSPORT ,CREDIT CARD, DRIVING LICENCE,, PHONE. THANK YOU
Visit Corfu off the beaten track
SIGHTSEEING or HIKING? 1.CORFU TOWN: Don’t miss the opportunity to see things in Corfu that ordinary tourists will never notice! Join us to visit the famous Espianada Square, the elegant Liston building complex the Old Palace and the narrow cobblestone alleys known as "Καντούνια". Stopovers to the Old Fortress, Cathedral of St. Spyridon, antique churches, places where "the Durrells" have lived or been filmed and other places of interest can be arranged upon request. 2.HIKING: Many kilometers of Corfiot walking routes that lead into forested landscapes untouched by the mass tourism await for you to discover and explore. Such is the variety of Corfu's nature that walkers spend no more than an hour in any one landscape. The sparkling blue sea, the green and silver olive groves, the creeks and waterfalls and up to the rocky alpine hills of mt. Pantokrator; the nature of the island reveals heavenly sceneries, ideal for walkers. We move on easily accessible, pre-chartered paths. The difficulty level of our hikes varies from easy to advanced. Tours can be adjusted according to the fitness level, age and skills of the group Other things to note: AFTERNOON TOURS APPLY ONLY FOR CORFU TOWN Anyone who likes long walks can participate, also seniors, teenagers or persons with manageable disabilities, as small alterations to the tours are possible upon request and according to your needs.
Jazz in the Heart of Corfu
Corfu is an undiscovered island of music and jazz and during this exclusive music experience you will get a taste of all it has to offer. Imagine listening to the sweet sounds of jazz in a hidden spot right in the heart of Corfu; just where the entrance to the old city was, next to the sea and the old city walls. You will get the chance to walk -or take our shuttle bus- through the Old Fortress of Corfu. Sofia and the musicians will be there to welcome you to our unique private location. Our evening together starts with an introduction to our concept, to our hand-picked bands & location. We don't waste much time before going into the music: 3 performances, showcasing Corfu's finest talent. Our purpose is to make you feel like home right in the heart of Corfu <3 *Under the local legislation, there is no need to wear masks or keep social distancing in outdoor activities*
Περιήγηση σε βιολογικό αγρόκτημα και δοκιμή ελαιόλαδου
Η βιολογική φάρμα του Δρ. Kavvadia είναι ανοιχτή για επισκέψεις, περιηγήσεις και γευσιγνωσίες. Περπατήστε στον ελαιώνα και δείτε τον λαχανόκηπο, το κοτέτσι μας, επισκεφτείτε τον παλιό ελαιώνα και την αποθήκευση ελαιόλαδου και δείτε πώς λειτουργεί μια βιώσιμη φάρμα. Μάθετε πώς παρασκευάζεται το ελαιόλαδο και κάντε μια συνεδρία γευσιγνωσίας ελαιόλαδου με λαχανικά από τον κήπο μας.
Οινογνωσία - Οινοποιείο Pontiglio
Οινοποιείο Pontiglio. Μικρό οινοποιείο στη νότια Κέρκυρα. Μια οικογενειακή επιχείρηση που θα ήθελε να σας παρουσιάσει τη δουλειά τους στον αμπελώνα όσο και στο οινοποιείο. Μια περιήγηση στους αμπελώνες και το οινοποιείο μιλώντας για τοπικές και μοναδικές ποικιλίες σταφυλιών. Μοιραστείτε ιστορίες από το αγροτικό παρελθόν της Κέρκυρας. Τέλος, δοκιμάζοντας ποτήρι κρασί σε συνδυασμό με τοπικά προϊόντα, προκειμένου να κατανοήσουμε καλύτερα την πηγή γεύσης του κρασιού.
Mussel Tour - Local Experience in Albania, Butrint
Mussel tour is a unique local experience where you will meet our Queen. The journey will start on traditional boat, sail to the mussel farms. On the way local guide will explain the process of cultivation after that we will take some fresh mussel directly from the farm, on sail again and the guests will start to work a little bit, each of us will wear gloves and start separate the mussel. Work, sail and meditation for 15 min will be optional for each guest. After that, sail to another part of National Park of Butrint, there will cook live two kind of mussel dishes dressed with olive oil, lemon and parsley served with local white wine.
Corfu sailing experience
Morning Cruise: Starting our Cruise from the Marina at 10 in the morning ,we head towards the old town of Corfu and the two fortresses. Sailing along to the old fortress we will arrive to the Garitsa bay looking at the south side of the fortress and a part of the city. Garitsa bay is a natural ancorage where super yachts drop ancor. Mouse island will be the next site to see where we can stop for a while, giving you the chance to photoshoot landing airplanes flying above us. Our next stop is Vido island where we can enjoy swimming and relaxation on the crystal clear waters. Lazareto island will be the second swim stop before we return at the marina. Afternoon Sunset cruise: Starting our Cruise from Marina Gouvia we headto Vido Island for a swim stop then we sail towards the old town of Corfu and the two fortresses then we sail along towards the town and Garitsa bay waiting for the golden hour and the sunset over the island and the town , the mesmerising colours of the sky will give this cruise a romantic sense and the whole experince will create long lasting memories. Other things to note Meeting point : Marina Gouvia pier i , just opposite restaurant Argo
Sunrise Yoga & Breakfast
We will meet at Barbati Beach. We will practice a lovely calming yoga flow as the sun rises over the stunning mountains at Butrint National Park, across the water. All levels are welcome! :) Following the Yoga session will will head over to our friends cafe, nearby, for a light and tasty breakfast. If you need a pick up or drop off please let us know. We can arrange it an additional charge. If you have any questions please contact us on WhatsApp +306988886936 or +306987740135
Horse trekking in natural environment
The horse riding routes are specially chosen to take you around the heart of a preserved nature environment through olive groves, natural springs , grapevines and also a traditional church which dates back to 1800’s! Our horses are experienced, well trained and easy to ride .You will be always with a guide .we have special horses for children , beginners and experienced riders . We will choose the best one for you !
Seakayak guiding trip,hidden blue cave
The trip starts from the beautiful beach Mikros Gialos , we paddling near the coast in south east direction. We have the chance to observe the amazing geological formations and learn information, from the guides, about the geological phenomena and the interesting history of the area. The final destination of our trip is the spectacular Blue Cave with the hidden entrance. However, until we reach our final destination, we will make many stops on remote beaches for swimming and snorkeling, and we will be given the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful seabed full of big red starfish. On our way back, we will visit another small cave, which offers shelter to small seals during the winter months. A truly amazing sea route for everyone who wants to enjoy the sun, the unique experience of sea kayak and the beautiful Ionian Sea. Other things to note the meeting point is at the end of the road(you will see a white flag,and the trailer load kayaks)must be there at 9:30
Corfu Cat Cafe
Our cat meet-up starts near Corfu Airport, there we will get greeted by our sociable kitties! We will get to know theirs names and backstories, Alsan with the crooked jaw, Mango who loves cuddling and Melitsa who is very vocal, are ones of the few that will keep us company while we have coffee or refreshments.
A Corfiot Olive Oil Experience
We will start our experience by giving you a basic information for the olive oil and its place of origins, where you will served a welcome meze, homemade by my mother . Then we will move to my family olive museum's area when i will explain you, my family's olive oil history and also you will learn the old fashioned way of making olive oil, after that we shall pass into the modern olive mill facility and you will learn the way of the production, showing our awards and all of family's achievements. At the end we will have an olive oil tasting where i will teach you all about olive oil, myths and truths, benefits and tips how to taste and make the best choice of buying olive oil Other things to note If you are vegan or vegetarian, please inform me If you have any allergies in foods, please let me know
Professional photoshooting in Corfu
Do you dream of magical pictures with your partner in Corfu? Travelling solo around the Old Town and want some nice shots for your social media? Want to do some sightseeing and at the same time bring home back beautiful memories? Then join our professional photoshoot tour with an experienced photographer in extraordinary places! Corfu has so many different sceneries. We'll move from the Museum of Asian Art with its magnificent architecture to the Garden of the People. From there, we'll take a walk along the traditional routes of the Old Town, mostly known as Cambiello. We'll end the photo shooting tour at Spianada square, one of the most popular sights of Corfu and also the largest square of the Balkans! All these places are located in the center of the old town of Corfu and it takes less than 10 mins walking to go from one to the next so you can choose more than one place, so we'll spend more time in the places you like the most for your pics. You'll receive all the photos + 20 edited HD pics in less than a week to share them with your family and friends :) If you have any doubt, special requirements or would like us to add an specific date or time, just tell us ! Don't hesitate and book now to make sure you go back home with your best memories!