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I’ll teach you how to write, edit, and publish your book. We’ll start by going over the writing process and organizing your book in a simplified way to help make the writing process smoother. Then, I’ll share tips on editing and layouts, followed by a discussion on getting published. If you’re a freelance writer, I can also share resources on how to get started if you’re interested in making writing your career.

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    An Author's Guide to Writing a Book
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    An Author's Guide to Publishing a Book
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    One-on-One Writing Coaching with a Published Author
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I am a published author and a lover of words (I have published two novels, one self-published book, and nine e-books). As a former educator, I am well versed in assisting others in finding their voice and creating their story. I’ve helped 13 people to write and publish their own books. I am passionate about assisting people with making their dreams come true. If your dream is to be a published author, I want to help you.
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Ιούλιος 2021
Amazing experience as always. Angela is friendly and always has new insights to share. This experience is with one of my teammates and she likes to explore writing, I thought this would be a perfect fit.
Ιούνιος 2021
This was my second time meeting with Angela, and it was just as awesome as the first time! Angela is extremely personable and offered practical and low-cost or no-cost ideas to help me market my book. She provided advice that was specifically geared to my situation and was genuinely excited about my project. This experience is well worth the time and money. Sign up now!
Ιούνιος 2021
This is really help me to know how to get starting to make my book☺️when I ready I may take a lesson again 👌cheers
Μάιος 2021
I booked a second time a class with Angela and once again she helped me a lot. Highly recommend it to everyone :)
Wayne Trish
Μάιος 2021
Angela is so engaging the hour flew by. From outlining, character development and insights of being a published author, she guides you through the entire process. I have already booked another of her online experiences. Can’t wait!
Μάιος 2021
I'm so impressed with how much I learned about book writing and publishing in a delightful hour. I have an idea for a book but really never knew if it was possible or worth considering going forward with it but after Angela's class I am confident that now I only need to get my creative juices flowing and write because the publishing (which I thought was the impossible part) is actually so much easier and completely affordable because in many cases it's free to do and you can really earn money this way. I left class so excited about the idea that I absolutely can be a published writer! Angela is so knowledgable and experienced and truly cares about everyone and their success. I'm so inspired!!!

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