Parisian vintage thrifting experience

Παρίσι, Γαλλία

Εμπειρία με οικοδεσπότη τον/την Mariana

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An immersion in the vintage and second-hand Parisian world. In addition to visiting places that are not very touristy, I will take you to thrift unique pieces and find your Parisian self. Accordingly to your profile, we can shop cheap or go big! Just let me know ;)
On Saturday, Sunday and Monday we go to the Flea market! The rest of the week, we go shopping right in the center of Paris!

I'm an English, Portuguese and French speaker!

All this in a pleasant walk, where the order of the day is sustainable consumption.


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I'm a Brazilian girl living in Paris for the past almost 7 years! I'm a PhD student and activist of companies responsible conduct in matters of environmental and human rights issues.
Also I'm a vintage lover and have developed my own online vintage shop : @tropicaliente.vintage on Instagram.
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Από $56/άτομο

$56 ανά άτομο
$56 ανά άτομο
$56 ανά άτομο

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What do you think about going to the Marché aux puces de Saint-Ouen ? Or thrift only 1€ amazing pieces?
On weekends (Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday) we go at the biggest flea market in the world (Puces de Saint-Ouen). Meeting point at métro station Porte de Clignancourt (Line 4)
In the rest of the week, the tour takes place in the Châtelet and Marais area, right in the center of Paris ! Meeting point at Fontaine des Innocents.

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Οκτώβριος 2021
Mariana is a wonderful guide around all the amazing shops she takes you too! She has a great eye for one of kind pieces and knows a lot about their history! She is very personable and easy to talk to! It was one of the top highlights of my trip! I would recommend anyone to go vintage shopping with her!!
Σεπτέμβριος 2021
De host doet haar best om je te ontmoeten zelfs als heb je moeite op tijd te komen, door vertragingen in het openbaar vervoer. Ze geeft een goeie introductie en je leert al direct over de vlooimarkten aldaar. Ze doet echt haar best om je te helpen te vinden wat je zoekt, en deelt al haar kennis met je. Je kunt haar vragen wat je wilt niet alleen over de vlooimarkten maar ook bijvoorbeeld over de horeca. Je kunt deze kennis later delen.
Σεπτέμβριος 2021
Mariana was such a wonderful host! She knows all the good spots to find a deal, and the perfect keepsake treasure. Plus, she took me for my best “meal” in Paris! A vintage shop where I feasted my eyes upon 3 generations worth of collections!! A fantastic experience, I highly recommend!
Αύγουστος 2021
Mariana was amazing and it was so nice to have someone to show you around as the market was quite big and would have been overwhelming without her!
Ιούνιος 2021
Mariana is a wonderful guide to the fun of vintage and antique shopping in Paris! We appreciated her expertise, kind and easy manner and follow-up.
Ιούνιος 2021
I am a voracious antiques /bric-a-brac / vintage clothing addict and Marianna more than responded to my passion foe « THE ULTIMATE BARGAIN ». She really navigates those « best kept secrets » with quiet confidence and the result is just wonderful ! HIGHER THAN HIGHLY recommend this experience. Merci Marianna and Paris 🙏🏻

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