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Acompañanos a conocer otra cara del hermoso pueblo de Tpoztlán, donde encontraremos grandes haciendas, casas típicas de Tepoztlán, grandes montañas, donde se aprecian cascadas y enormes montículos de piedras, árboles enormes que se distinguen por sus años de vida y sus colores, ríos con agua limpia, y en general la belleza de este hermoso pueblo de Tepoztlán.
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Soy Alan, llevamos mucho tiempo en el mundo de los caballos, donde tenemos experiencia con los paseos, recorridos y cabalgatas, me gusta convivir con la naturaleza y el mundo de los caballos, explorar el campo, su misticismo y su magia.
Donde encontraremos esto...????
Sólo en Tepoztlán. Este es un pueblo mágico muy bien conocido por el bienestar que proporciona.
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Visitaremos cascadas que se encuentran a pie de cerro, donde lo impresionante seran los monticulos de piedra con pinturas rupestres, zona de árboles típicos de la región, lagunas donde veremos una vista increíble de los alrededores, área de venados en cautiverio. Todas estas zonas son para convivir con la naturaleza.
Es un lugar mágico que vale la pena que conozcas.

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Ιούλιος 2021
Increíble! En lo personal le tenia un poco de miedo a montar pero el guía fue muy amable y siempre estuvo al pendiente de todo, además de que duarente el paseo pude ver un increíble paiseje, sin duda volveré.
Ιούνιος 2021
Una excelente experiencia. Los anfitriones son muy amables, cuidan muy bien de los caballos. Una buena actividad para contactar con la naturaleza
Μάιος 2021
Pinky estuvo genial! Era muy considerado con nosotros ya que yo no sabía como montar caballos. Le agradecemos mucho el recorrido por tepoztlan!
Μάρτιος 2021
The horses are beautiful and it looks like they experience good care. And that really is the most important thing. But the experience was very different than the description We were asked to show up an hour early, and we made a Herculean effort to accommodate the new schedule. When we showed up they told us we were an hour early. (that was frustrating because we truly needed that extra hour to transition) Our guide spoke no English and didn’t seem to have experience Leading tours. He did point out a tree or two that he really liked. But that was it. The worst part was we never left the residential Area surrounding the ranch. TEPOZTLAN it’s so beautiful and we didn’t get to experience the nature at all. We were on cobblestone with cars the entire time. At one point we were on a very busy road with major trucks going right by the horses. Fortunately the horses are very calm and easy to ride. But it was unpleasant at best. We paid for a two hour trip and we’re raced back to the ranch after one hour because a large group was waiting for our horses. When I expressed my disappointment to Allan he did graciously offer a do over the next morning. And he did explain that the difficulty is this is the busy week and he’s trying to accommodate so many people. My regret is that he didn’t communicate this in advance. Getting there involved taxis and logistics and we had other plans for a short visit to Tepoztlan. If Alan had communicated that our trip would have been fully residential and cobblestone and cut an hour short in advance -we would’ve happily moved our plans around. I requested a partial refund that was not honored In the end I left very disappointed in the experience and the lack of consideration and communication Around their scheduling conflicts. We would’ve been happy to move our time had we been informed advance, But we were essentially thrown under the bus when a bigger group scheduled over us
Φεβρουάριος 2021
Increíble experiencia! La recomiendo ampliamente. El guía me ayudó mucho a superar mis miedos de montar y terminó siendo muy divertido.
Ιανουάριος 2021
Beautiful ride on happy and well-behaved horses! I definitely recommend as a great way to see the beautiful Mountain View’s. I am an experienced rider and I came with my friends who are not, and we all had a great time. The trail took us mostly through quiet cobbled streets and some neighborhoods, which was good because it kept us out of the sun while still getting to see the mountains. Our horses were beautiful, healthy, really sweet and well-behaved. Our guide was really helpful and accommodating, and a pleasure to go on an afternoon ride with!

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