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(*Covid vax proof required!*) Welcome! - to our elegant 19th century "brownstone" duplex on a lovely, quiet & safe street in a beloved area (vibrant, diverse, ...) in the heart of booming Brooklyn. 1 block to train, restaurants/stores; 5 blocks to stadium or lovely Prospect Park; 15 min's into Manhattan. Simple, clean, budget room in quiet house with lovely back patio & landscaped garden. Tons of positive reviews. Hard to beat this! But please read fully for correct expectations.

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*This is for 1 female only due to it being next to my daughter's room (which is also occasionally rented out, if I'm traveling); *please be sure to see HOST/PROFILE (click on our photo) for the general house description so you understand the full set- up, including the limitations on kitchen & common space; *we require AirBnb verifications, a COMPLETED PROFILE (please be sure to fill this in as it adds some accountability) & your FULL name; *seasonal rates - see calendar. (Note: my teen daughter is with me half of the week). ... Arrival & departure typically 12noon but flexible, provided no one is immediately before or after you.

Single comfortable mattress on the floor (due to flexible use of the room; and guests find it quite nice). Quiet; on 2nd floor with single window overlooking backyard; hardwood floors; 5 steps to full bathroom (shared). Old-world charm (moldings, etc.) but in good shape and very clean. (Note details below about locking room.)

Guest access: bathroom; back deck and backyard; & possibly living room upon request (you're certainly welcome to browse through it!) As noted in the profile, we're blessed with wonderful & affordable restaurants within half a block away! So our kitchen, which we use actively, is only for nominal use by guests & as a favor (for water, tea or microwaving things).

More room details are below; but all other general information - regarding me, the house (wifi, etc.), the location, guest expectations, etc. - is listed under Host/Profile, along with my many positive reviews from guests from around the world.

Thanks! And we look forward to hosting you!! :)


MORE DETAILS: This room is now the ONLY usual rental in our house, with occasional exceptions. (See detailed house description in Host Profile.) It's the smallest room so priced accordingly. ... The wall to the adjacent room is not sound-proof, but everyone is asked to keep volume down and hasn't been a problem yet. (If you make internet calls, be sure to have microphone head-set to avoid loud talk.) ... Door has latch to lock from inside but no key lock from outside, consistent with our open door policy when people are not home (which helps us to know when we can make noise, like vacuum cleaning or making music).

My daughter is usually next door to you but since I sometimes rent the room if I'm away, **please specify if you have issues with a man being next door** (noting that I only take guests with positive reviews & have had nothing but wonderful experiences!)

Usually minimum 3 nites; if exception is made, a higher cleaning fee may apply; preference & discount for longer stays.

***And if you decide to pursue this, please use "Contact Host" and not "Request to Book" - for reasons noted in the Host/Profile info. When you book, share your arrival details & a personal email address as soon as possible, & we will send an email with link to all details: *arrival info; *house manual; and *helpful NYC tips. Cool?

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The Neighborhood is incredible! See the PROFILE.

Οικοδεσπότης: Mitty

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Thanks for your interest! **We are fully vaccinated & following Covid cleaning protocols.** Please know that since we are opening our home to people, we absolutely REQUIRE A BIO POSTED (in the AirBnb bio section - as it adds more accountability), especially if you don't have reviews. For same-day inquiries, streamline the communications process by providing full info upfront - including your estimated arrival time (since we may be changing our plans to accommodate you). And know that after confirmation, we will need rapid response with a personal email address for us to send arrival & airport travel details, important house information, & NYC tips. You may arrive ANY TIME - key is kept in lockbox for which you'll get a code. **Please read FULLY all our info - here and under the room listing - to ensure there are no mismatched expectations. For example: shared bathroom, common space limitations, street parking, etc.; and we are a home, not a hotel. Cool? Okay, now about us and the house ... We welcome all - regardless of race, sexual identity, religion - who come with an open heart. Our home is an 1865 classical "brownstone" townhouse, in the midst of the idyllic Prospect Heights neighborhood (3 blocks from Park Slope) - offering a wide variety of restaurants within one half block away, the subway around the corner (only a 15 minute ride into Manhattan), the Barclays/Nets Stadium 4 blocks away in one direction, and Prospect Park/Museum/Library 6 blocks in the other. Usually only 1 or 2 rooms are available, however if I'm traveling, the whole duplex may be open & possibly a couple of guests. There is 1 full bathroom that is shared, plus another half bathroom in my master bedroom. The house is full of art (nothing fancy, mainly folk art) - primarily from Africa, South Pacific and the Caribbean - plus a piano and some other instruments. (Feel free to browse but it's usually our private space to use.) We keep it pretty organized and neat but it is a working house with a lot of stuff in it (and a bit of dust) and with us up and moving around between the hours of 7am and 11pm. Overall though it is quiet, especially for the guest bedroom which faces our lovely large back deck and garden that guests are most welcomed to utilize. Again, we're blessed with wonderful & affordable restaurants within half a block away! So in terms of kitchen use, unless specified otherwise, we offer only nominal use - as a favor to our guests (for water, tea or microwaving things) & know that since we are busy people, we keep it generally clean but cannot promise perfect condition. Note that more detailed descriptions of each room come under the listings. .... Again, thanks for your interest! Fyi: that's an old pic; my daughter is now a teen, but still just as cute! (Train & bus from the airport is very affordable but takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Taxis are 20-30 minutes with no traffic or twice as long with traffic. Regarding parking: the entire street is open for anyone, but Monday to Friday in the morning is "alternate side" parking for the street cleaning, during which you are allowed to double-park as long as you move it by 8:30 and then park it correctly just after 10; and this can get crowded. So you will either need time the night before to look for a spot on the correct side of the street, or you will need time in the morning to move your car and then move it again at 10. Note that in general you really do NOT need or want a car in NY, especially in this neighborhood with trains being so close!) Peace. (updated Sept 2021).
Thanks for your interest! **We are fully vaccinated & following Covid cleaning protocols.** Please know that since we are opening our home to people, we absolutely REQUIRE A BIO PO…

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