2 br condotel view beach 200 m to beach

Ολόκληρος χώρος: συγκρότημα ενοικιαζόμενων καταλυμάτων. Οικοδεσπότης: Tuyet

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Condotel is luxury furniture, equipped fully as 3 star hotel, good for couples, solo adventurers, families (with kids), and big groups. Condotel is 6th floor in Eureka Linh Truong resort 200m to the beach. The Resort is in Hai Tien sandy, sunny Beach with lovely view from window. It is about 22km from Thanh Hoa rail station. By train from Hanoi to Thanh hoa in 3.5 hours, then taxi in 20 minutes. There is 24/24 restaurant at first floor. The restaurant, swimming pool is closed from 1 Oct

Ο χώρος
This is beautiful beach with nice view and restaurant at the second floor. Wifi free, daily cleaning, 24/24 security.
1)Direction to the resort:
1.1 Train: from Hanoi to Thanh hoa
Train ticket booking: dsvn.vn can book online.
From Ha Noi Station: Train will take 4 -4.5 hours from Hanoi station to Thanh Hoa station
Add: 120, Le Duan street, Hoan Kiem district, Ha Noi

Daily time table Ha noi– Thanh hoa
Train No.Leave timeArrive timeTicket price (different among seat types)
Hard sit seat no air conditioner
Hard sit seat with air conditioner
Soft sit seat with air conditioner
Hard lying with air conditioner
Soft lying with air conditioner

From Thanh hoa Station:
Add: No. 2, Dương Đình Nghệ, Tân Sơn, Thanh hoa

Daily time table Thanh hoa – Ha noi
Train No.Leave timeArrive timeTicket price (different among seat types)
After getting off the train at Thanh hoa station, guests can either get to Eureka Linh Truong Resort:
+ By taxi: in 20 minutes Mai Linh Taxi is recommended: information on rate and distance for reference: VND11,000/km and 23 km respectively (4 seats: VND(PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN) seats: VND(PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN) seats: VND323,000). There a lot of taxi at Thanh hoa bus station.
+ By bus: Take bus No. 6 passing by Thanh hoa station, get off at “Vực market Intersection” (Chợ Vực) for VND20,000 fare. From there, take a taxi to Eureka for around VND(PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN) Express bus from Hanoi to Thanh Hoa and from Thanh hoa to Hanoi:
We would like to advise that in order to catch the bus easier, you should have a Vietnamese hand phone to contact to the Bus operator. In My dinh station, please inform reception of My dinh Bus station your place to go: ‘’Hoằng Trường, Hoằng hóa, Thanh Hóa’’.
•Thang Dien Bus (+(PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN)), fare: VND100,000/ person/one-way ticket
Duration: 4 – 4.5 hours from Mỹ Đình station, Hanoi to Intersection Vuc Market, Thanh hoa: at 10AM and 16AM daily. From there, take a taxi to Eureka for around VND55,000 in 5 minutes.

(URL HIDDEN)From Intersection Vực Market, Thanh hoa to Mỹ Đình station, Hanoi: at 11AM and 5AM dail(URL HIDDEN)
•Cương Lĩnh bus ((PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN)) to Giáp Bát station price 100.000(URL HIDDEN) Thanh Hóa to Hanoi: 5hAM and 12h30 noo(URL HIDDEN) From Hà Nội to Eureka Linh Truong: 9h30 AM và 12h noo(URL HIDDEN) From Vuc market intersection, bus will send guest to Eureka Linh truong free by motorbike.
If you would prefer return Hanoi by express bus, you might ask reception to book express bus Thang Dien or Cuong Linh bus for you. If you agree, the express bus will send a free motorbike to pick up you. They will send one motorbike only for a group (one or more than one person) to Intersection Vực Market, from then the express bus will go Hanoi. Or you can go Intersection Vuc Market by a taxi by ourself, then take the express bus from there to Mỹ Đình station, Hanoi: Thang Dien bus at 5AM and 11AM, Cuong Linh bus: 5hAM and 12h30 noon daily(URL HIDDEN)2)Check in: 14:00h
Check out: 12:00h
3)Registration of hotel guests: Please take the condotel’s key at reception and give the reception your passport, inform my name booking is Le Thi Tuyet when check in and return key when check out the condotel.
All condotel’s properties and furniture will be managed by resort. Then please check out the condotel’s list carefully when checking in. Any damage or loss if any on the condotel will be reimbursed by guest. Any consumed things in fridge will be paid by you to resort directly. The resort is acceptance payment by credit card.
The full hotel room charge for one day will be charged if guests overstay the check-in time on the scheduled departure date. The same applies to the usage of hotel rooms on the arrival date before check-out time.
Your Airbnb’s payment out is for the condotel charge only (including free cleaning). All consumed in fridge will be paid by guest separately directly to resort.
The restaurant at first floor is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and they accept payment by credit card.

4)If you have motorbike license and prefer to go around, there is a security guide to rent motorbike. His mobile is +(PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN). You can ask reception to book and rent the motorbike for you. Normally for short hire rent charge would be 50,000VND/hour.
You might prefer to go around by taxi, please book to the reception, taxi will come in 10-15 minutes.(URL HIDDEN)
5)+ There is a coffee house near the beach in side resort area.
+ Bonfire is offer at night in about 30minutes upon booking in advance. Price is 700,000VND/one bonfire.

+ Club blue sky karaoke: 100m from resort+(PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN) Price
250,000VND/hour or 350,000VND/hour
+ SPA & HERBAL MASSAGE inside the resort
+ Karaoke inside the resort

6)The Condotel’s restaurant at first floor is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and they accept payment by credit card.

There are some restaurants surrounding as below:
+ Restaurant insides Hai tien resort – 200m from Linh truong resort
Khu Du lịch Sinh thái Biển Hải Tiến
Xã Hoằng Tiến, Huyện Hoằng Hóa,
Tỉnh Thanh Hóa
+ Hieu Dat restaurant is 20m from resort +(PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN) (book in advance)
+ Minh quang restaurant +(PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN)(book in advance)
+ Quan Bang restaurant: +(PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN) (book in advance)
+ Duy Nhat restaurant: +(PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN) (Hai tien beach 2 km from resort)
+ Thanh binh ngon Restaurant - Nhà hàng ngon Thanh Bình, Bãi biển Hải Tiến,, Hoằng Tiến, Hoằng Hoá, Thanh Hoá, Việt Nam (Hai tien beach 2 km from resort) +(PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN)
Sao bien hotel – Restaurant inside hotel - Xã Hoằng Tiến, Huyện Hoằng Hóa, Thanh Hóa
+ Tigon restaurant: Tigon Villa - (Hai tien beach 2 km from resort) Address: Khách sạn Nghỉ dưỡng Biển Hải Tiến - Khu Du lịch Sinh Thái Biển Hải Tiến, Hoằng Hóa, Thanh Hóa
ĐT: (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN) - Mr Tâm – General Manager restaurant - Mobile: (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN)

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Υπνοδωμάτιο 1
1 κρεβάτι king size
Υπνοδωμάτιο 2
1 κρεβάτι queen size

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tp. Thanh Hoá, Thanh Hoá, Βιετνάμ

This is for tourist resort. It is quiet at the winter time from Oct to April period. Great place for relax, holiday, Christmas time, new year, photo album for broom and bride before marriage, or adventure.

Οικοδεσπότης: Tuyet

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