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Loft the Héron du grand logis

Ιδιωτικό δωμάτιο σε σοφίτα. Οικοδεσπότης: Béatrice
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Guest house surrounded by a beautiful garden between woods and marshes quiet, near Laon, Saint-Quentin, Reims, champagne cellars.

Ο χώρος
Cottage Le héron is settled in an old workshop, specially thought for relaxation. You have access to a private spa, separated from the living room by a glass wall, and to a private traditionnal sauna in a dedicated room. The main room is devided into a fair sized kitchen space and a living room mixing industrial and countryside style. For your rest and entertainment, this living room is equiped with armchairs, pinball machine, DVD player, TV and hi-fi system.

Bedroom : 160*200 cm double bed.

Key exchange : between 6PM and 7PM, at the reception of Le grand logis, 1 rue du Grand Logis, 02350 Marchais. Beds made on arrival.

Included services : breakfast in the host's home, loan of two bikes, swimming pool (20 april to 30 september) and garden access.

Non-included : massages on appointment. Sauna 40€/session (60 minutes for 2 persons)

Some tourist places : medieval city of Laon (17 km), Reims the coronation city (45 km), Familistère de Guise : museum, garden et theater (40 km), World war museum : La Caverne du Dragon (20 km), Champagne wine trails (45 km).

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Marchais, Aisne, Γαλλία

Οικοδεσπότης: Béatrice

Μέλος από: Αύγουστος 2016
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My husband loves to renovate and build authentic buildings. It's his job ... he's a mason! Thus over the years the house and its park have enlarged and embellished. We put a lot of heart into creating romantic spaces in the park as the seasons go by. Every day, we dedicate time to cook our homemade dishes and our aperitifs based on products from our vegetable garden and orchard. We have recently created a wellness area and we offer massage sessions to guarantee you a real moment of relaxation.

Professional Massage Well being, I propose you indeed personalized massages that meet your needs of relaxation.
Remember to book your session because this service is very appreciated
Massages in supplement
My husband loves to renovate and build authentic buildings. It's his job ... he's a mason! Thus over the years the house and its park have enlarged and embellished. We put a lot of…
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Κανόνες Σπιτιού
Άφιξη: 6:00 μ.μ. - 8:00 μ.μ.
Αναχώρηση: 11:00 π.μ.
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