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Hinataーan [Momo] Japanese style studio room with outdoor hot spring and independent shower room: Free 1 parking lot/5 mins away from Yunotsubo street/3 mins away from Kinrin lake/same price up to 4 ppl!

Ολόκληρο σπίτι. Οικοδεσπότης: Hinata
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【Information on virus measures at our accommodation】
This accommodation is not same type hotel as general hotels which is many people will use, so you can stay at our accommodation without any worries.
I commissioned cleaning to professional cleaning company. All cleaning staff wear masks properly when they enter accommodation. They do alcohol disinfection for Electric key(or key), switches where guest often touch carefully.
In addition to that, linen is also cleaned properly by doing alcohol disinfection.


Guest House Hinata-an finished construction on January,2018.

There are independent 4 rooms which are 2 semidetached house in same land.
Kitchenette is installed in each rooms which are studio room(area: 14 Tatami mats、 about 25㎡)
I installed private outdoor hot spring, independent shower room and toilet in the room.
In addition to that, there are kitchenette, basic kitchenware、 basic tableware and basic cutlery.

All 4 rooms are same floor plan, but room type is different.
There are 2 types room which are Japanese style rooms and Western style rooms.

Floor of Japanese style room is Tatami and beddings are futon mattresses.
Floor of western room is flooring and beddings are beds.

Each room has an entrance and you won't share the room.
Only you have to share is parking lot.

★These are URL of 4 listings which is Hinata-an★

【桜/SAKURA/Wester style room/Bed】

【花月/KAGETSU/Western style room/Bed】

【牡丹/BOTAN/Japanese style room/Fton Mattress】

【桃/MOMO/Japanese style room/Fton mattress】

Ο χώρος
This is the room is called [Momo] which is Western style room.
・Name of the room:Momo
・Type of the room:Japanese style room(with Kitchenette)
・Beddings:4 Double size futon.
・Max occupancy:Up to 7 people.
・Facilities:Washroom、Washing machine, Showeroom, toilet and private Outdoor Hot spring.

★Preparation of number of beddings are depends on number of people who stay.
・1 ~ 4 ppl:4 double size futon mattresses.
・5 ~ 7 ppl:each 2 people share the beddings above beddings.
※I will prepare number of pillows for each person.

【There are/ Please check the listing pictures】

※There is no pajamas. Please prepare pajamas yourself.
※I will prepare number of amenities for each person except kids who are under 7 years old.
・Body towel
・Face towel

・Electrick key
・Shoes box

《Japanes style room:studio room》
・4 double size futons
・Table and chair
・Oil heater

《Kitchenette》※In the room
・Kitchen sink
・Electrick kettle
・Induction Heater(1 burner)
*Due to the health problem, I won't prepare any seasonings.

《Bath room》
・Private Outdoor Hot spring.
・Shower room :Shampoo, Rinse and Body soap.
・Washing machine with drying feature.

・With debit feature.

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Yufu-shi, Ōita-ken, Ιαπωνία

My house is 3 mins away from Kinrin Lake.
You can going for a walk in the mornig to Kinrin Lake you can eat around at Yunotsubo street.
You can feel clean air of Yufuin town.

Οικοδεσπότης: Hinata

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はじめまして、Hinataです。 湯布院にはおいしい料理、買い物や遊べる施設がたくさんあります。 湯布院に来られる方に楽しんでいただけるようお手伝いができたら嬉しいです。 質問などあればいつでもご連絡下さい^^
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