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Ιδιωτικό δωμάτιο σε bed and breakfast. Οικοδεσπότης: 悦山以居

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Shine and Jone met on their way to Tibet. After the long trip we decided to stay in Dali and share our living space with the friends from all over the world.
We spent about 4 months to find this house. The location is perfect as it locates in-between Dali Ancient City and Erhai Lake. The view from our room to see Cangshan Mountain is wonderful and we hope you can enjoy your time here.

Ο χώρος
The garden is full of flowers and trees, you can find lots of interesting staff while you are browsing in the courtyard. You can simply draw the curtain and enjoy the view of Cangshan Mountain and the rice paddy fields. We can pick the fresh vegetables in these fields and cook ourself. It will be a place for you to relax and enjoy the time of Dali.

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Dali, Yunnan, Κίνα

The village of our location is a Bai village, where you can see the culture of the local. In the village you can see women wearing their traditional dressing. There is a local farmer's market in the village where you can buy the fresh vegetables and fruits.

Οικοδεσπότης: 悦山以居

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Vchat:xfxjg2017 老吴大学毕业在外工作了五年后决定辞职,我也把北京的工作辞了,2016年9月我和老吴相识在滇藏线上的德钦县,然后我们一起去了拉萨,后来又到了周边几个国家旅行了几个月,来到大理后被这里的一切深深的吸引着,所以决定留在了大理 ,在大理的第一年我们在古城里面开了家民谣小酒馆自弹自唱,做着之前自己梦想的事情,一年后我们在古城附近租了个在古城和洱海之间的三面是田园,夏秋看风吹稻浪,冬春看苍山雪和樱花的白族院子做民宿,自己设计自己动手搞装修,我们也亲自接待客人,小酒馆也搬到了民宿,继续唱歌饮酒品茶,希望和来自各地的朋友分享我们的生活。 小湘是名半吊子摄影师,梦想是环游世界,在背包走过32个国家后,结识了同样半吊子喜欢音乐的老吴。 希望同样热爱生活的你能跟我们分享你在旅途中的喜悦。
Vchat:xfxjg2017 老吴大学毕业在外工作了五年后决定辞职,我也把北京的工作辞了,2016年9月我和老吴相识在滇藏线上的德钦县,然后我们一起去了拉萨,后来又到了周边几个国家旅行了几个月,来到大理后被这里的一切深深的吸引着,所以决定留在了大理 ,在大理的第一年我们在古城里面开了家民谣小酒馆自弹自唱,做着之前自己梦想的事情,一年后我们在古城附近租了个在…

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We are more than happy to provide you with any help that you need in Dali. Please feel free to ask any question you have about traveling trips, good foods to eat, transportation, culture and history of Dali.

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