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Private room with Twin bed in Tshering Home stay

Ιδιωτικό δωμάτιο σε σπίτι. Οικοδεσπότης: Phigu
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Kewzing, a distinctive example of a Himalayan Village is located near Ravangla, South Sikkim. The village is about half an hour journey in a car from the main town. Our Home stay is located among the others in the village. We run a community based tourism where most of the homes host the guests. Our home is a typical Bhutia house where we offer rooms to our guests. The village has a natural beauty with a touch of the local culture prevailing in each house.

Ο χώρος

As you reach Bagdogra Airport or NJP Railway Station, you can take a taxi and reach Ravangla, South Sikkim from where you could either take the same cab or hire a different one to reach our village- Kewzing which is half an hour drive from the main town. As you reach Kewzing, you'll see Kewzing Senior Secondary School on your left side of the road. The village entrance is just below the school. You'll need to take a small walk of about 2 minutes from where the taxi will drop you leading to the four homes, the first one being mine.

As you keep walking, you'll see my home from a distance. There's a big front yard with natural grass covered ground in front of the house. In the entrance of the house is a small staircase of about 7-8 steps that leads you to your floor.
Common Sitting Area cum Kitchen~
On reaching the floor you'll see a passageway from where if you take left you'll enter the common area with kitchen. That is where you would be welcomed.

Private room with twin bed~ It has single twin beds. It has a table in between which works as a side table. This room has a small closet and I can also provide you with some hangers for hanging your clothes.

Washroom~ There is a common washroom which has a wash basin with mirror, a WC, shower and a geyser. The washroom is tiled and is maintained cleaned.


- The food served is completely organic which is grown in our own farms including the rice.
- We serve Millet beer which is called "Chyang" in the local language if you're interested to try the same.
- Herbal bath is another thing that we offer to our guests if they're interested.

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Kewing, South sikkim, Sikkim, Ινδία

The Neighborhood consists of the following:

- Lush green forest area where you could take a forest walk
- There's a bird sanctuary nearby where you could enjoy bird watching. We can also provide you with a guide who's a bird watcher expert.
- There's a trekking route called Maenamla hils which is in about 1500 feet and takes about 6 hrs. approx. to complete the entire trek. If you're lucky enough you can see Red Panda which is the state animal of Sikkim who resides in this hill.
- Bon Monastery- This monastery is few minutes away which is one of its kind and is the most unique monastery with a different culture and tradition. The stories that you hear here are a different one from the other usual monasteries. There are only 4 monasteries of this kind in India one of them being here.
- Kewzing Village Monastery is nearby.
- Mangbrue Monastery is also a few minutes away which is an old Lepcha Monastery where a lot of historic tales exist which can be told when the guests come and visit.

Οικοδεσπότης: Phigu

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Hi.. My name is Phigu. I'm an entrepreneur wherein I run a restaurant in the town and also run a homestay with my family in Kewzing. We are a family of 4 people including my mom, brother, sister in law and myself. We've been running our homestay since many years now as we have a village community homestay concept. I love having guests around. Hosting them teaches me a lot about learning about their culture and history which we as a family thoroughly enjoy. My mother is almost 75 years old now. My brother works with the force and my sister in law and I take turns to run the restaurant and homestay. Besides hosting the guests, I like cooking and gardening. I have a huge interest in gardening and take out special time to follow my passion of gardening. Meeting new people and talking to them has also been one of my favorite things with time as I get to interact with a lot of guests who stay with us.
Hi.. My name is Phigu. I'm an entrepreneur wherein I run a restaurant in the town and also run a homestay with my family in Kewzing. We are a family of 4 people including my mom, b…
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I'm available most of the time in the house. Please feel free to ask for anything you require.
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