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Fantastic villa in Playa de Palma las Maravillas, in a quiet residential area, but right in the tourist destination par excellence of the island, with the ideal combination of beaches, promenades, restaurants, pubs, shops just 800 meters, 4 minutes walk from the villa, recreation area and all for an ideal vacation.

If you want, contact us to answer your individual offers and questions.

We offer free rebooking and 99.9% virus and germ free accommodation.

The sun awaits you!!!

Ο χώρος

Ideal for groups, couples or families, in a quiet residential area


is the motto of the chic villa "Bambam",

which is located in the large town of Las Maravillas in Playa de Palma in the middle of one of the best holiday areas in Mallorca, you can enjoy an unforgettable stay with the whole family in a prime location. As soon as you have received your rental car at Palma airport, you will reach your holiday destination after a short drive of about 5 minutes and park the rental car in the on-site parking lot.

The white, sandstone-offset villa is located in the second line of the sea. It is surrounded by a manageable approx. 1000 m2 private property with garden and stunning terrace areas. On the covered pool terrace there is a chic dining table made of stylish metal furniture and a wooden table. With a view of the extra large deep pool, you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner or a glass of wine with tapas here and it is illuminated at night, so you can swim a few refreshing laps at night. Basic elements such as coffee, milk etc. are available for breakfast, as well as other products for other meals that you can prepare yourself.

A terrace equipped with high-quality loungers as shown in the pictures lines the cool water. If you want shade, you will find this under one of the trees in the beautiful garden, a relaxing place for a good glass of Mallorcan red wine.

The interior of the villa can be accessed from all sides, not just through the official entrance. Numerous of the wide, floor-to-ceiling patio doors with gleaming white shutters allow access to the exquisite interior, which is absolutely bright and well-kept.

The furnishing is an interesting interplay between Spanish tradition with antique, partly restored handcrafted furniture and a modern furnishing style.

You already encounter this in the living room with the contemporary dark brown corner couch by the fireplace in front of the modern LCD Smart TV, but also in the antique sideboards and period furniture.

The dining room is open to the living area and is furnished with high-quality furniture in a shabby chic look, consisting of a dining table and elaborately refurbished wooden chairs.

Next to the dining-living room is the separate kitchen through a counter with white furniture. Just like from the dining-living room, you can step outside from here. Three of the four bedrooms have a direct exit to the outside area.

Four double bedrooms with two single beds put together as a king size each offer 180 cm width per two bed frames, which can also be used separately. All four bedrooms with double beds are very spacious and offer sufficient storage space for your holiday clothes that you have brought with you or that you bought in the island's capital during extensive shopping trips.

Incidentally, the villa is centrally air-conditioned from the living room, so that you can indulge in a good night's sleep even in hot summer temperatures. With the spacious living space of almost 250 m², up to ten guests will find more than enough space in the classically furnished villa.

We would like to point out that the villa can only be booked for adults and is not suitable for events.

The villa owes its urban touch in part to its location in a recognized upscale residential area that has all the advantages of a suburb:

Banks, children's parks, tennis courts, supermarkets, restaurants, etc. are all within walking distance, the image of which is determined by other imposing villas and chalets.

The befitting villa is located on a street that is very quiet, but it is mainly used by the neighboring residents.

This is a particularly good way to get to Palma and the surrounding beaches. An alternative to renting a car is also offered by several bus routes that take you along the entire length of Playa de Palma to the capital itself. With its central location, the place offers much more, namely a car-free promenade above the sea.

There you can enjoy a relaxed and peaceful vacation.

Here, despite the proximity to tourist centers, you can still enjoy nature to the fullest.

Water sports such as surfing, diving, sailing or fishing are offered. Apart from the range of water sports, "down-to-earth" activities such as golf, biking, tennis, hiking and inline skating are also popular.

Relaxed vacation in a private villa with urban flair - that is exactly what makes the fine villa "BamBam" a special recommendation for us.

We can give you the best relaxation

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Πάλμα, Illes Balears, Ισπανία

There you can enjoy a relaxing and peaceful holiday. Proximity to attractive tourist centers, nature can still be enjoyed to the fullest.

Οικοδεσπότης: BamBam

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