Kofu city・Ebisuya [Rikyu-Nezu]

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Ebisuya [Rikyu-Nezu: Up to 4 peoples allowed]
This is a renovated 70 year old house.

Rikyu-Nezu is a modern Japanese-style room with the scent of tatami mats. There are two semi-double bets.
You can sleep up to 4 people on a futon in the tatami space.
There is an air purifier, a large TV, an electric kettle and a refrigerator.

There is no bath and there is only one shower room.(Shared with other guests.)
It is very simple, but I would like you to enjoy Kofu and Yamanashi based here.

Ο χώρος
You can see the cityscape of Kofu from the window of the room, and you can get to the downtown area by walking a little out of the entrance.
Kofu has a lot of interesting and deep restaurants and streets, so please enjoy it.
We hope that you will experience the history, culture, and food of Kofu, and heal your tired body at this hotel.
When you enter the entrance, you will be greeted with a Ebisu-sama' smile and a lot of books.
The stairs to the second floor are a bit steep, but there are handrails so you can go up and down with a peace of mind.
About two places, there are nostalgic posters of heroes in Yamanashi Prefecture. Please look for it.

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Kofu - 7 διανυκτερεύσεις

15 Ιαν 2023 - 22 Ιαν 2023

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Kofu, Yamanashi, Ιαπωνία

There is Kofu Castle around the inn and there are many shops where you can enjoy dishes made with Yamanashi wine and local ingredients, so you can enjoy delicious dishes while feeling the history.

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* Please let us know if you would like to know about Kofu's deep city :)
・ Staff are not resident, but can be used at night if something is wrong.
・ Since the lock will be unlocked with the Smart Lock, please let us know the email address that can…
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