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Large, open, and airy one bedroom apartment on a surprisingly quiet block in the lively and creative, gallery-filled neighborhood of Chelsea. Filled with art, books, hearty plants, plenty of workspace, a roku-equipped TV, and birds chirping in the lush trees outside each window, this spot is ideal for 1-2 people looking for a peaceful place to relax and/or work whilst enjoying the most convenient possible access to just about all of New York City has to offer.  

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We are two working artists and this is our clean, lovingly decorated home, as well as homebase for our respective businesses. Some might call it a “Live/Work” space. It’s sparsely furnished to cater to this dynamic, to provide separation between work zones, and keep lots of space open because, well, that just feels really nice in the city. There’s not much “excess” in this apartment — except, perhaps, for on the walls and bookshelves. We even have a Chabudai dining set-up (a very low bamboo table, with firm floor cushions), which is easy to tuck out of the way. While this would be a total home-run spot for someone (or a couple) with similar live/work needs, it’s also just a great, cozy spot with lots of breathing room to hang out and relax, or call home base for your urban exploring. Just note that it’s not really outfitted for entertaining guests. There’s also an excellent movie-watching set-up with Roku, good speakers, and a 4k monitor.

The apartment was described to us by the previous tenant as “a little punk rock,” which is true — it’s old school, there’s a special trick to turning the oven on, the gas stove burners are old and patina’d. The kitchen in general has solid 1950’s energy. The bathroom is old but clean, there’s endless hot water, and a nice new shower head with different pressure options. You might notice some chips in the paint on the ceiling or moulding, some jankiness in the tiling behind the toilet, etc. This is a classic New York apartment. It’s Chelsea. It’s a little punk rock. There’s a lot of comfort and even some touches of luxury in the space. But if you’re looking for a hotel, high-rise condo experience, or one of those no one-actually-lives-here airbnbs that feel like a Target sale had a baby with the fake flower aisle of the craft store, you might not be happy here unless you’re feeling a little adventurous.  The building is quite well maintained, but old school and no-frills. It has a very handy elevator and coin-operated laundry room in the basement. It’s also very pet friendly — there are all sorts of canine tenants here, and our apartment is dog-friendly as well. We’d be happy to provide a nice clean doggie bed for your stay. Other pets can be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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Right across the street is a Whole Foods for all your grocery needs, and the wonderful Variety Coffee is right on the corner, serving up some of the best coffee beverages and pastries in the city — though there is no shortage of excellent bars, restaurants, and cafes in any direction. Of course, a few minutes walking towards the river will get you to a cluster of the world’s most renowned art galleries (we are happy to provide recommendations), as well as the river itself, which is surrounded by beautiful parks, trails, and even more bars/restaurants. Madison Square Park is less than a 10 minute walk, and Central Park is 12 minutes door-to-door via the C / E subway station conveniently located 300 feet from the apartment building’s entrance.

Οικοδεσπότης: Madison

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I'm an artist living in Chelsea. My girlfriend and I live and work in our spacious, classic one bedroom. The location is so convenient and comfortable! We welcome you to enjoy our slice of this world-class city.
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While we are likely not located in the city during the majority of your stay, we are totally accessible by phone 24/7 to answer any questions and help make your stay as perfect as possible. If we’re not there to get you situated and hand off the keys, a nearby friend will take care of you. For longer stays, someone will come by on Sundays to water the plants, unless you’d like to volunteer for the job! Other than that, we’ll leave you to enjoy the apartment in peace.
While we are likely not located in the city during the majority of your stay, we are totally accessible by phone 24/7 to answer any questions and help make your stay as perfect as…
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