Sea-View Senior Suite in a 4* Beach Resort & Pool

Ιδιωτικό δωμάτιο σε θέρετρο. Οικοδεσπότης: Freedom

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Ειδικός χώρος εργασίας
Ένας κοινόχρηστος χώρος με wifi που είναι κατάλληλος για εργασία.
Κάντε βουτιά στην απόλαυση
Αυτός είναι ένας από τους λίγους χώρους στην περιοχή με πισίνα.
Δωρεάν ακύρωση πριν από τις 29 Δεκ.


Κάθε κράτηση περιλαμβάνει δωρεάν προστασία από ακυρώσεις που γίνονται από οικοδεσπότες, από ανακρίβειες στην καταχώρηση και από άλλα ζητήματα, όπως προβλήματα με τη διαδικασία άφιξης.
Ορισμένες πληροφορίες έχουν μεταφραστεί αυτόματα.
Jungle Paradise is located in one of the most highly valued and secure area of Zanzibar, directly on the west-coastline between the international airport (4km) and Stone town (6km).
With its eye-catching environment and the chic interiors, you will have a lovely stay and enjoy the beach. The history it has with the ruins where you can book. Your parties or private dinner. Book dinner at the jetty and watch the sun set. With different themed parties, tasty cocktails and events

Ο χώρος
The suite is cozy and clean, with a full 4* hotel service.

Breakfast is NOT included!!!

You can add it at the check in.
It is available direct at the beach and will be supported at the Jungle Paradise "Ocean Breeze" restaurant from 07:00 am until 10:30 am.
You can choose either à la cart from the menu with a wide variety of choices, or you take all you can eat for 15 USD per person per night. You will love the breakfast with the beautiful sea view.
After the breakfast you maybe enjoy the history of our ruins, where slavery ended in Zanzibar in the 1870s and feel the energy of the botanic garden, which supported once over 630 different kinds of tree species and over 220 different palm trees. You can also book this unique environment for your private events.

You make holiday in a 3. World country!
We do everything to make your stay as secure as possible.
But please don't offer the possibility to let valued things or money "get lost"
If you have valued items or a huge amount of money with you, please register these items at the reception. They will help you to assure their safety.
We are not responsible for items or money, which was not registered and secured by our security department (reception).
You will not get refunded disappeared money or valued items, which were not registered before at our security department (reception).
You are fully responsible for losses, if they were not registered before at our security department (reception).
We can only be responsible for items and money, which were registered and handed over officially to the security department at the reception.

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Θέα στον κόλπο
Θέα στον κήπο
Πρόσβαση σε παραλία – Μπροστά σε παραλία: Δημόσιο ή κοινόχρηστο
Ειδικός χώρος εργασίας
Δωρεάν χώρος στάθμευσης σε ιδιωτικό δρόμο στην ιδιοκτησία – 20 θέσεις
Πισίνα: Ιδιωτική παροχή: σε εξωτερικό χώρο
Σάουνα: Κοινόχρηστη παροχή
HDTV 32" με Κλασική καλωδιακή τηλεόραση
Πλυντήριο ρούχων – στο κτίριο: Με χρέωση

Ζανζιβάρη - 7 διανυκτερεύσεις

30 Δεκ 2022 - 6 Ιαν 2023

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Ζανζιβάρη, Mjini Magharibi Region, Τανζανία

If you like to have one of the best sunsets in Zanzibar with a tasty cocktail and some chill-out vibes at the beach, you should definitely book this place. It's a very affordable place for all the benefits, you will get.
you will definitely like and enjoy it.

Οικοδεσπότης: Freedom

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