Villa Tennis, Vierumäki

Ξυλόσπιτο ως ολόκληρος χώρος. Οικοδεσπότης: Mika

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2 Bedrooms, Sleeping loft, Kitchen, Sauna, Shower room, Wc, Dressing room, Hallway, Terrace

Cozy & peaceful well-equipped cottage in a good location at Vierumäki Sports Resport for up to eight people. Especially suitable for sports activities thanks to its spacious sauna and washing room facilities.

The first floor for the full height area is 76.5m². (In addition to that, a sleeping loft for four people).

Ο χώρος
In this private cottage you have your own peace next to all Vierumäki Sports Resort services and facilities.

Sleeping areas
There are three sleeping rooms (two bedrooms and a sleeping loft).
● In the single bedroom a fixed 120cm wide bed. ¹If the bed feels wide enough for two, a total of up to eight people can be accommodated. The room also has a high closet and a mirror.
● The twin bedroom has two beds that can be moved next to each other to form a double bed. The room also has high cabinets and a mirror.
● The loft has four beds, access to the loft by a ladder next to the fireplace in the living room. The loft has a gate that can be closed with a locking hook.
● Bed linen is included in the booking price according to the number of guests you choose

Equipped with hob, fridge with freezer, sink, dishwasher, microwave, cupboards with pots, pans and cutlery, toaster, coffee maker, kettle, etc.

Dining Area
The dining table has chairs for five people.

Living Room
The living room has a TV, sofa set and fireplace. You can bring firewood with you or buy a small amount from the reception for about 15 EUR.

There is a wide bench, a shower and a washing machine.

Dressing Room
In the dressing room there are two wide benches and a drying cabinet for outdoor and sports clothes.

The hall has two high cabinets, one shelf cabinet and one bar cabinet for storing outerwear.

The toilet room is separate so its use does not interfere with sauna.

In front of the cottage there is a terrace almost the entire width of the cottage where you can sit by a cup of coffee and look at the views through the small forest down to the Suurijärvi valley.

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Οικοδεσπότης: Mika

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